4 challenges new podcast hosts face

Posted by Terri Lydon | Sep 12, 2023

People like podcasts and podcasters! 

That's good to know, but it doesn’t mean that becoming a well-liked podcaster is easy. Especially for newcomers, podcasting carries its own set of challenges:

1. Anxiety and self-doubt

Starting a podcast—creating something and putting it out into the world not knowing if anyone will actually listen—can be intimidating. It’s an emotional challenge too. If they do listen, will they like it? Like anything, confidence grows with experience and practice. It’s always a good idea to seek feedback from friends and peers. (And be willing to accept their feedback!)

2. Creating quality content

Content is king! To be knowledgeable about your topic and your guest—to conduct an engaging interview—you need to do the legwork: research. Plan your episodes, write intriguing titles and intros, and script your content! 

3. Getting the right equipment

The technical aspect of recording a podcast can be overwhelming. Begin with the essentials: a good quality microphone, headphones and recording software

4. Judging success

Different people podcast for different reasons, which usually roll up to 3 main goals

  1. Reach a targeted audience
  2. Make money
  3. Creative outlet

Without knowing your personal goal before you start recording and releasing episodes, you may have trouble remaining focused and motivated to create new episodes. Is your podcast meant to generate new business? Or talk about corporate initiatives? Do you want to connect with a niche audience? Or reach the masses? Or do you just want to share your thoughts? There’s no wrong answer. You just need to know your goal.

(Image from Podcast Landscape 2023 by SoundsProfitable)