Benefits of podcasts for business initiatives

Posted by Cindy Paulauskas | Jun 08, 2023

As organizations have elevated and promoted their commitment to Environment, Social and Governance standards they’ve found it challenging to quantify the benefits. Dashboards and spreadsheets aren’t necessarily the right tools to show these initiatives’ upside.

Figuring out how to communicate progress and success with ESG is critical.

While the primary purpose of ESG standards is to ensure a company is doing good (or at least not doing harm) while doing well, the communication about ESG initiatives helps individuals and other organizations decide whether a company’s aligned with their values and therefore whether they want to work with that company.

To gain this benefit, companies need not only to execute the ESG initiatives, but also to communicate about them, celebrate the wins, describe all the upsides and humanize the impact.

By sharing stories of employees’ challenges, efforts and successes, a podcast can highlight an organization’s genuine commitment. Podcasts take terms like deforestation and resource depletion and really speak to the impacts that reversing those trends has had on specific communities and ecosystems. They can illustrate the concrete differences in decision making when a board diversifies, bringing the right mix of voices to the table. They can take things like working conditions and health and safety of employees out of the abstract and into the realm of families helped.

Organizations can set themselves apart from the crowd through podcasting.


Image by vectorjuice on FreePik