Podcasting as a lead generation tool

Posted by Jamilah Lawry | Apr 10, 2023

Podcasting has helped me to establish myself as an authority in my field.

My name is Jamilah Lawry. I am CEO/Founder of My Biz Consulting, a Business technology Consultant and Digital marketing agency that works with small to midsize businesses on streamlining their workflow. In addition to that I am the host of My Biz TV Podcast on In Da Streets Radio. My topics and interviews are based on Small Business technology and Entrepreneurship. Podcasting has been an invaluable tool for me in establishing myself as an authority in my field. By leveraging the power of podcasting, I have been able to become a thought leader and expert in my niche. This has allowed me to build my brand, create a strong presence online, and establish myself as an authority on the topics I talk about.

Through podcasting, I have been able to showcase my knowledge and expertise on topics relevant to my industry and engage with listeners around the world. This has enabled me to become a trusted source of information and build trust with potential customers. Additionally, podcasting has allowed me to grow a community of followers who are interested in what I have to say and seek out my advice.

I've positioned myself as an expert by connecting with software companies and industry leaders.

As a business software professional, I have always been passionate about connecting with the industry’s top leaders and software companies. By doing so, I have been able to position myself as an expert in my field.

I have developed strong partnerships with various software companies and industry leaders by attending conferences, networking events, and actively engaging in thought leadership marketing. Through these activities, I was able to build relationships that enabled me to gain access to the latest trends and technologies in my field of expertise.

I believe that by leveraging these connections, I can continue to grow my knowledge base and become a respected thought leader in the software industry.

My podcast as a lead generation tool.

As a marketing and consulting professional, I have leveraged my podcast as a powerful lead generation tool. My podcast provides an avenue for me to share my expertise and thought leadership and to connect with potential clients who are interested in the topics that I talk about. By leveraging the latest technology, I have been able to reach out to more people, engage with them in meaningful conversations, and turn them into leads. My podcast has helped me to stand out in the crowded marketplace and start meaningful conversations with potential clients who are interested in learning more about my services.