Boost podcast awareness

Posted by Terri Lydon | Mar 29, 2022

Frequently we are asked how to get the word out about a business podcast. 

Our answer: use your OWNED MEDIA!

What we mean by this is leverage the ways you communicate with your audiences today.

Do you have a website? Add your podcast as a page on your site like Gift of Hope does, or just start with a link to your podcast from your site. 

Do you have a newsletter? Include your podcast as a continual and persistent part of your updates.

Are you active on social media? Share each of your new episodes. And not just from the company’s accounts – have your hosts and guests share as well! And make it easy for them by creating share language and graphics, like The National Kidney Foundation of Illinois.

Some of our clients have printed publications – fantastic! Advertise your podcast, like StreetWise does.

And importantly, for all of your promotions, welcome the listener by telling them what they will get out of your podcast and why they want to spend then valuable time listening to you. Then deliver.