Podcast production 101

Posted by Terri Lydon | Jun 21, 2021

We are often asked what it takes to launch a podcast.

Here’s a quick summary! Of course every podcast is different, and we’ll be sure to make yours right for you.

Also, here is our PodWell episode about How to Launch a Podcast -- short and sweet and worth the listen.

Planning & Strategy

  • Assist with scoping the podcast and establishing podcast goals
  • Identify target market
  • Create/select podcast name
  • Provide music options
  • Develop production calendar and a launch calendar
  • Plan for recording through event equipment or on social media platforms, if needed

Episode Pre-production

Episode recording

  • Monitor the audio to ensure the best quality
  • Ensure all required questions are asked/answered
  • Execute any re-recording
  • Keep list of necessary edits
  • Host episode, if needed
  • Record intro/outro

Episode editing

  • Finalize music
  • Provide transcript of episode
  • Identify pull-quote
  • Edit episode

Distribution & Metrics

  • Create podcast listing
  • Creation of microsite, if needed
  • Monthly metrics reports

Assets needed to launch a podcast

  • Podcast title & description
  • Podcast artwork (3000x3000 pixels), and episode artwork, if desired
  • Specific keywords
  • Episode audio
  • Episode title & description