Maximize your podcast's reach: social media tips

Posted by Krista Winston | Jan 23, 2023

Are you ready to take your business podcast to the next level and maximize your reach on social media? Look no further, because I am here to give you the inside scoop on creating a successful social media campaign for your podcast.

First things first, set your goals. 

  • Are you looking to increase listenership? 
  • Build a community? 
  • Drive more website traffic? 

Figure out what you want to achieve and make it your North Star.

Next up, create a content calendar that aligns with new episode releases. 

This will help you stay organized and focused as you build your campaign. Consider the following content ideas when creating your content calendar, focusing on the specific episode or the podcast in general as desired for variety:

  • Release a teaser, audiogram, or trailer of the episode a week before its official release to generate excitement and anticipation.
  • Share behind-the-scenes content during the recording process to provide a unique perspective and insight into the production process.
  • The day before the episode's release, share a quote or excerpt that highlights a particularly interesting or noteworthy moment from the episode.
  • Announce the guest or topic of the episode up to a week before its release, giving listeners a chance to research and prepare for the episode.
  • On the day of release, provide a link to the episode on your website or podcast hosting platform.
  • Two days to a week after the episode's release, post a recap or "in case you missed it" summary to remind listeners of the episode's key takeaways.
  • Encourage listeners to leave a review or rating of the episode, as this helps to boost visibility and attract new listeners.
  • Share testimonials or feedback from listeners to demonstrate the impact of your podcast.
  • Publish an article or blog post that relates to the episode's topic to provide additional information and context.
  • Utilize visual content such as videos, animations, infographics, or images to supplement the episode's topic.
  • Pose a question to the audience that relates to the topic, and encourage them to share their thoughts and perspectives.
  • Conduct a poll or survey related to the topic, to gauge audience interest and engagement.
  • Host a live Q&A session with the show host or guest to provide listeners with an opportunity to interact directly with the creators and experts of the episode.
  • Provide bonus or freebie content related to the podcast or episode topic to reward listeners for their engagement and interest.

Now, let's talk about utilizing different social media platforms and tailoring your content to each of them. 

It's important to remember that each platform has its own best practices and audience expectations, so make sure you're adapting your content accordingly. Instagram and TikTok may be all about the visuals, while Twitter is all about the conversation. Tailor your content to each platform and watch your reach soar.

Collaborating with influencers in your niche is also a key component of a successful social media campaign. 

These influencers already have a built-in audience that trusts their opinions and recommendations, so teaming up with them can help bring new listeners to your podcast.

Don't forget about engaging with your existing audience and building a community around your podcast. 

Respond to comments and messages on social media, and encourage your listeners to share their thoughts on the episodes. This will not only increase listener loyalty, but it will also create a sense of community around your podcast.

Last but not least, measure success and adjust your strategy as needed. 

Track your progress by monitoring metrics such as website traffic, listens, and engagement. Use this data to adjust your strategy and make sure you're on the right track to reaching your goals. And remember, stick to your content calendar and watch your podcast soar!

So there you have it, folks! Follow these steps and you'll be well on your way to creating a successful social media campaign for your podcast. And for more tips about promoting your podcast, take a listen to this PodWell episode.

Happy podcasting!